stats ¤ the basic manual stats for Harle
name ¤ the name Harle
look ¤ the cute jester herself
attack ¤ how Harle attacks
quotes ¤ the beautiful way she speaks


bio ¤ her existence summed up
attitude ¤ how she acts
dragons ¤ Harle's "family"
role ¤ her involvement in the plotline
love ¤ can we say Sergey?
relationships ¤ her interaction with others


endings ¤ all the endings of CC with Harle in them
clones ¤ characters who act/look like Harle
lune ¤ more on Harle's symbol, the moon
battle ¤ how to beat her
list ¤ top 10 reasons why Harle kicks your ass