So what's with this Kuja guy anyway? You have made it to the portion of Sycophant that will explain, over-analyze, and assess Kuja. Click cautiously -- spoilers lurk in nearly every section!


  1. Basics: Haven't played FFIX? Or maybe it's just been awhile... either way, brush up on your Kuja basics here without spoiling yourself.
  2. Appearance: Let's face it, Kuja has a unique sense of style. This section is full of visual nitpicking and overanalyzing.
  3. Battle: Being a villain and all, you're going to have to battle Kuja throughout the game. I've included my own personal strategy for each battle against him.
  4. Dragon: Every good villain needs a sidekick. Kuja's just so happens to be a dragon, fondly dubbed "Silver Dragon."

In Depth

  1. Story: The tremendous role he plays all through the game. Follow his story from begining to end.
  2. Personality: He's cruel, he's clever, and he's calculating. What more could you want?
  3. Narcissism: Every villain comes equipped with a few personality disorders, and Kuja is the textbook definition of a narcissist.
  4. Relationships: Kuja is one of those rare villains who gets up close and personal with most of the main party.
  5. Zidane: Talk about a messed up relationship. Find out what's going on between these two.
  6. Love: It's true, no specific love interest is laid out for Kuja (except maybe himself), but here are a few stretches.
  7. Genome: One might ask, "Who is Kuja?" but perhaps the better question to ask is, "What is Kuja?"
  8. Trance: What, you thought Kuja was that easy to fight? Find out more about him once he's all tranced up.


  1. Comparison: Although Kuja is a unique character, there are quite a few other characters in the gaming/anime world who bear more than just a passing resemblance.
  2. Name: Believe or not, Kuja's name was (more than likely) carefully planned. Find out what it means.
  3. Quotes: Kuja hands down has the best lines in the game. Read a few of my favorites.
  4. Posessions: Kuja manages to acquire quite a few nice things (airships anyone? a desert palace?) Find out more.