Fortunately for you, when I first made this site I was pretty OCD about putting the media section together. All the images were either captured or scanned by me -- please do not take them and put them on your site, but please feel free to use them for anything else (just credit me, if possible)!


  1. Art: Sadly, there is only one official piece of artwork of Kuja.
  2. Battle: Y'know, because Kuja has some pretty kick-ass moves.
  3. Ingame: Screen caps of important Kuja moments.
  4. FMV: Eye candy galore. This is the largest of the galleries.

Other Media

  1. Aural: A sampling of Kuja-related songs for you to listen to.
  2. Fanart: Some of my favorite fan-portayals of Kuja.
  3. Icons: Be Kuja on your Livejournal or a forum! You know you want to...